To make a temporary stop during the trip you will need to use the padlock, located between the rear wheel and the pedal, to secure the eBike to any permitted element on the street.

To activate the padlock it is essential to have a virtual pass or subscription.

Please remember that the padlock allows you to make a temporary stop and that it will not close your trip. The trip will remain active until you return the eBike to the station.

Opening the padlock

  • To open the padlock it is essential to have downloaded the Ride On app.
  • You can open the padlock with both the virtual and physical pass or subscription.
  • Please access the "Trips" section on the app, where you will see your active trip and can open the padlock. Click on it and place your smartphone close to the physical padlockto unlock it.

Closing the padlock

  • To close the padlock it is not necessary to use the app.
  • Please check that the eBike is well secured to the street element and close it.